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Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is the Award-Winning Service within the Sutherland Shire, located in Caringbah and Cronulla. We are built on referrals from Doctors, Psychologists and Patients locally and globally. Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic operates via various online platforms and is Professional and Confidential. Trust and skill keeps our patients, and ourselves, up on top.

Hollie-Berri McQueen  adv dip CH, NLP, HCA, CMAHA, is the Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her clinic has over 11,000 Clinical Hours of experience serving the local and global community. 

A genuine Clinical Hypnotherapist is the professional who has the education and skill to facilitate the ideal conditions to benefit the patient and invoke positive change. The applications of hypnotherapy are endless and personal. The Hypnotherapist does not have a magic wand and cannot control the behaviour of the patient. It is a natural effective solution for many human conditions, socially, physically,emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

At Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic we know that hypnotherapy is not magic, it’s 100% scientific and proven to increase wellbeing.
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Some Of The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy Include:

  • Remove what is holding you back from living your potential
  • Create powerful change
  • Resolve issues easily and quickly
  • Break habits and addictions
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Learn, grow and evolve
  • Detach from inner turmoil and suffering

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