POWER UP WORKSHOP with Coach Hollie-Berri McQueen

POWER UP WORKSHOP – LEVEL 1       Cronulla

Saturday NOVEMBER   21st    13:00 – 16:00        $300

She harness’ power.

Do you want to too?

Hollie-Berri McQueen began meditation and yoga 28 years ago. She is a 600hr Yoga Alliance accredited Meditation and Yoga Life Coach. In this workshop HB will share with you her great passion studying human behaviour and the power of the mind. She will impart her vast yogic philosophies, prana – energy building and preservation techniques, and meditations devised by the Himalayan Masters, in the simplest of terms.

You will learn what meditation is, why you are advised to do it, how it works, and why it is the ultimate in mind health. You will also be blessed with some powerful Clinical Hypnotherapy to spring clean the way of the old, to enable strong foundations for the new, to power and sustain you. Your focus will improve, your memory, vitality, you will sleep deeper; you will flow effortlessly with daily practice. This workshop shows you how to easily enjoy daily practice at home.

Hollie-Berri will teach you how to control your power, and she will guide you to be able to identify and prevent where it may leak out in the future.

These workshops are valuable, and each student need be dedicated to the lessons. There is only 12 students accepted into each workshop.

Each workshop is unique and intuitively run with concise information in laymans terminology.

You will leave feeling light and clean; humbly powerful. You will feel whole.

To apply, please phone Hollie-Berri about your possible placement. Please phone Hollie-Berri and she will assess the possibility. Payment in full is required upon booking. There are no refunds to ensure each participant is committed to the teachings. Only committed students need apply.

You will find a deeper appreciation of self, your world, your place in the community, and leave with a powerful mind and warm heart.

These workshops are raw and gritty, yet divine in every sense.


Hollie-Berri McQueen  Clinical Hypnotherapist / Yogi       ph.   0433 777 775

WEAR: Yoga gear, incl thick socks. Layered clothing to accommodate varying body temperatures from pranic build to savasana.

BRING: A water bottle – no food to be consumed during practice in the yoga space.

COME: With an open mind and heart

SHARE: Your Mahad / innate intelligence