MIND BODY CONNECTIONS talk on Shire Wellbeing Festival 30th May 2020. Hollie-Berri McQueen and Ky Bernoth

Wellness Zone: Mind Body Connections

Hollie-Berri and Ky will help deepen your understanding of the two way street of the mind and body, That one can not be separated from the other. The power that our conscious and subconscious mind, thoughts and beliefs have on our body and overall health. Dleving into beliefs and addictive behavviours around sugar and alcohol as a couple of the "hot topics" of the minute! And looking at how our physical wellbeing, gut health and biochemistry feed back to our brain and nervous system function and our actions and choices.Hollie-Berri McQueenFounding member of the ‘Hypnotherapy Council of Australia', Hollie-Berri is a clinical hypnotherapist, owner of Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic and Yogi, Hollie-Berri has a foot in both worlds and a deep appreciation for the connections between the mind and body. An expert in her field and with extensive training Hollie-Berri has been medically endorsed Sydney wide by GPs and health care professionals. Achieving balance with her practice she weaves the sacred knowledge of eastern philosophies, she is a 600hr accredited yoga and meditation teacher, and life coach.Ky BernothNaturopath, medicine woman, healer and guardian of the ocean and earth. Ky has been attuned to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the earth since she was a child. Her experience in health and wellness spans over 25yrs, she has been involved in elite sports coaching, has lectured in health at universities and colleges, and manages her own wellbeing business for the past 11yrs. Ky has studied formally in Health Sciences, Naturopathy, Ethnobotany and Complementary Medicines and on the ground with Indigenous Australian, Maori Healing and also Amazonian shamanic teachings.

Posted by Shire Wellbeing Festival on Friday, May 29, 2020