Everyday thousands of people in Australia take time off work because of stress. While stress and the effects inflicted on individuals by prolonged or excessive amounts of pressure ¬ is nothing new, it is emerging slowly from the shadows of ignorance and prejudice.

Many people suffering from stress describe their feelings in this way. They feel under tremendous pressure, as if they have somehow mysteriously lost the ability to cope with the demands of life. If this is not treated or recognised it will most likely lead to depression.

Stress can be work-related or come from self improvement, such as marriage difficulties, family conflicts or financial worries.

What Causes Stress?

It is also important to realise that stress isn’t all bad. A certain amount of stress in our lives is not only essential for survival but also keeps us alert, inspired, creative and active.

Loss – this covers a wide range of life events both physical and abstract, including loss of a loved one, loss of health or even loss of confidence or self-esteem.

Change – in which new life circumstances such as marriage, divorce or a change of job or finances lead to difficulties which threaten our physical or psychological well-being.

Interpersonal relationships – where difficulties either in the family or beyond cause substantial stress.

Conflict – where we are immobilized by a dilemma and unable to choose between options for any number of reasons. This conflict may operate beyond our immediate awareness.

Unresolved past issues – these can have a significant effect on our present reality.

Depression can be treated safely with Hypnotherapy and Shire Hypnotherapy has the skill and experience to allow you to enjoy and embrace your healing in your own time. Each healing path is different and we will walk it together until you accomplish what you set out to achieve. A Shire Hypnotherapist, a Nutritionist and an exercise routine all help to prevent taking medication if the level of Depression is mild to moderate. This is proven again and again in many research outcomes. These 3 basic fundamentals to a balanced life, Psychological, Nutritional and Physical health are essential to living in peace and having an overall sense of wellbeing. Your confidence will return along with your beautiful smile. It is possible with the help of Shire Hypnotherapy Clinics Depression plan, specially tailored to you. It is usual to require 4-6 sessions. Every person differs. Call us today and begin the journey back.