Being the Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist at SHIRE HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC (est 2010) with over 11,000 clinical hours of experience, as well as a founding Member of the ‘Hypnotherapy Council of Australia’, and having sat on the NSW executive team at the ‘Australian Hypnotherapists Association’, I deem myself eligible and qualified to guide you on how to choose a Clinical Hypnotherapist within Australia.

I want to impart some information on how to choose a skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist because your mind is everything you are, and it can be very dangerous to allow an under skilled person to access and manipulate your mind. It’s very concerning that so many, underskilled “Hypnotherapists” have popped up into our community of late, having merely attended a 2 or 3 day course.

I am passionate about the Psychotherapy which I have been delivering to the community for over 10 years, and know that my authentic Clinical colleagues and I, wish to see the high level of knowledge and ethics upheld and maintained within the Profession. We wish for Patients to be safe in their choosing, without being deceived.

I advise you to look at the facts of the person and not the hype of their spam marketing.

It is a serious choice to make, and here are some basic points to consider before choosing;


✔️Are they a member of the governing national body HYPNOTHERAPY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA?
✔️Is their education level an advance diploma Clinical Hypnotherapist with Australian qualification?
✔️Can you claim your Health Fund Rebate?
✔️Are they a Member of an AUSTRALIAN Association?
✔️Are they FULLY insured?
✔️When were they established?

If their claims seem too good to believe, then they probably are.

The highest qualification a Hypnotherapist can hold within Australia is that of “Clinical Hypnotherapist” which requires the Clinician to fulfil a minimum of 5000 Clinical hours, and be a Professional Member of an Australian Association- NOT an international association.

Those posing as “Master Practitioners” and other extravagant titles, have most likely attended a 2 or 3 day short course in Hypnotherapy – a course which a 10 year old child completed. Often the phrase is termed as “Masters in Hypnotherapy” which is most misleading, as a layman would assume the Hypnotherapist has attended University, which is intentionally causing confusion and highly unethical. Some claim to be working alongside Doctors, and others claim to be a ‘Clinical’ Hypnotherapist because they work in a room! That is supremely deceitful and misleading for the general public because it infers that the person has skill and extensive experience; but they dont.

Ask the questions in the list above and do your research.

Your life depends on it, and so does your hip pocket.

Can you honestly claim to be a Master after a 3 day course? 

Please phone 0433 777 775 if you have any firther questions.

Stay safe and it’s best for you to only choose a genuine Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Your mind is everything you are.

We hope this has helped you.

We wish you health and love.