Can anyone be hypnotised? Yes and No!

There are variables which limit a minor group of patients, such as; very young children, and people with extensive brain damage; they simply don’t have the focus. If someone does not want to be hypnotised then they wont be- they will block it. Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic will apply the right technique for your character, in your language and at your pace. Our unique approach has proven to be very successful.

What if I couldn’t be hypnotised in the past...is it possible now?

Did you want to be hypnotised at that time? Were you ready for change? Or did the person you see, not apply the right technique for you, or give enough attention to the induction? Hypnotherapy has a few fundamental elements, and when combined correctly, creates a successful session. Ongoing maintenance throughout the session is necessary to provide the optimum outcome. Shire Hypnotherapy will show you it is possible to be hypnotised,,,,,,,providing that you wish to be.

Is a good imagination necessary for results?

The ability to imagine is unrelated to the ability to experience hypnosis.

Do you want to change? Really want to change?

If you do, your imagination has nothing to do with your success. The key ingredient you need to have with you when you arrive at Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is the willingness and intent to reach your goal and positively change.

Can I be hypnotised?......I have a strong mind and am strong willed.

If you want to be hypnotised, you will be. Actually, people with strong minds are easier to be hypnotised because they tend to focus so well. We know you want to change; it is evident in your motivation to make the appointment. However in the rare instance we don’t think you are ready for change quite yet, we will let you know to save you dissapointment and money. Your success is our success.

My willpower isnt strong- will I still benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis transcends our level of willpower. For success in your Hypnotherapy experience, your willingness must align with your intent. Hypnotherapy will guide you along the right path directly with your subconscious mind to promote change. You don’t consciously need to understand the process to achieve your goal.

Will I lose control and do silly things?

Your morals, beliefs and mind are all in your control if you are hypnotised or not. You will not allow anything to happen to you that you wouldn’t agree to consciously. Shire Hypnotherapy will make you feel comfortable and safe, and explain to you in layman terms what Hypnotherapy is prior to your initial session taking place. You will only do silly things if you want to do silly things!

Will I remember the whole session?

Time escapes most patients when they are hypnotised. It is very uncommon for spontaneous hypnotic amnesia to occur. Most people remember fragments of their session which is completely normal.

Will I divulge private information I don’t want to share?

We don’t have a magic wand. You have full control of your mind and your privacy remains intact for the duration of your session.You only say and do, what you want to say and do- we do not control you or coerce secrets from you! Everything is in the private surrounds of our clinic. What is said in the room, stays in the room.

I dont relax easily. Can I still be effectively hypnotised?

Shire Hypnotherapy specialises in children, and more often than not, they are NOT relaxed, yet we are very successful at using specific skills which are not induced by relaxation techniques. Hypnosis is achieved through focus, not relaxation, though it is more pleasant if you are relaxed.

Isn’t hypnosis and hypnotherapy the same thing?

They are one and the same modality. Though Hypnotherapy has the sole purpose of helping people to achieve positive personal change. All hypnotherapists are hypnotists, but not all hypnotists have the same desire to help the subject to better themselves, some hypnotists use the modality to amuse and entertain an audience. Shire Hypnotherapy is built on care, skill and success by rapport and growing with our patients.

Are all Hypnotherapists the same?

Naturally, we are all different. Clinical Hypnotherapists are of the highest regard and ranking within Australia. Beware of Hobbyists. We may work from a slightly different philosophy, but we all should have your goal as our fundamental goal whilst we are with you. Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic will learn your language, and the suggestions we give are easy for you to relate to because it’s in your innate style of communication. We are highly skilled in this area and truly enjoy seeing our efforts positively change our patients lives. You are likely to enjoy your experience with us, and there will most likely be similarities to other prior Hypnosis sessions you have experienced.

How do I choose a hypnotherapist?

You will know you have found the right therapist for you when you feel comfortable, and they are able to openly answer all of your questions. Award-Winning Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic encourages our patients to be educated about the modality and what to expect. By being educated about the upcoming session it will instil faith and understanding, therefore, be most effective.

Nowadays, Hypnotherapy is a commonly used therapy for children and adults alike. A referral is the best way to find a therapist by knowing they are reputable and effective in their profession. Ensure the therapist is a member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and Australian Hypnotherapists Association and enquire how long they have been practising. Being a member of the HCA shows they are of the highest ranking Clinical Hypnotherapist in Australia. AHA verifies their Code of Conduct and enforces that the highest standard is adhered to.

Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is mostly built on referrals, and is one of the only Clinic’s specialising in Children within Australia.

We hope to see you soon so we can work together and help you to move forward in the best possible way to your positive future.

Simply phone 0433 777 775.

How long is a consult?

The history of each person differs greatly. We take a thorough history of experiences which have shaped you and find this to be an invaluable and essential way of adequately understanding you and benefiting you. It is best to arrive 5 minutes earlier on the initial visit to complete a patient form. The duration of the initial and subsequent sessions is between 50 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour, unless adouble seeion has been booked..

What is the fee of a consult?

The investment for a consultation is outlined below

General Hypnotherapy                  50 minutes-1 hour    $220

Quit Smoking  –  85% Success     1hr                                $450

AFTER HOURS for any level of consult incurs an additional $50 fee.

After hours consists of any visit which runs before 9.00am or after 18:00 on days of operation


Operating Hours

Monday                                        CLOSED

Tuesday       9.00am – 6pm       before & after hours available

Wednesday 9.00am – 6pm       before & after hours available

Thursday     9.00am – 6pm       before & after hours available

Friday         9.00am – 12pm       before & after hours available

Saturday                                        after hours available in AM only

Sunday                                          CLOSED

Home visits are uniquely charged depending on location and personal requirements.

What does an initial consult entail?

You can expect at an initial consult at Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic, that we will discuss your goals, how you are living now compared to where you wish to be, and discuss all other relevant history. We will answer all of your questions informing you all about Hypnotherapy, and we strive to make you feel safe, in control, and comfortable. We will do some practical hypnotherapy work with you during the first visit.

How many sessions will I need to feel positive change?

Each person is different and a different approach is applied accordingly. Individuals are just that; an individual. We will give you an estimated forecast of sessions needed at the end of the second consult. We do not make you prescribe to an upfront number of sessions because everyone works at a different pace, and we find it an unethical practice to string out the therapy. You will organically know when your last session is. You pay as you go with us.

  • The average number of visits for complete results is usually 6 sessions over a period of 6 – 10 weeks.
  • Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic’s quit smoking program is usually a 1 session program.
  • Our program designed for weight release is a 4 week programme over 4-6 weeks.
  • Alcohol reduction is a 6 week programme over 6-8 weeks optimally.
  • These are guidelines and they can vary from individual to individual.
  • Please enquire about the many other programmes we run.

Can I claim from Medicare or my Private Health Fund for Hypnotherapy?

Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is recognised by certain Health Fund providers which are listed below. It is recommended to ring and check your level of cover with your individual provider because they frequently alter their policy inclusions.

  • Australian Unity
  • BUPA Australia
  • CBHS Heath Fund Limited
  • Health Care Insurance Ltd
  • Health Partners
  • Medibank Private
  • Navy Health Fund
  • Phoenix Welfare
  • Reserve Bank Health Society
  • Teachers Federation Health

Check with your Health Fund provider if it is not listed here for possible recent inclusion. Currently there is no Medicare rebate for hypnotherapy services.

How are we committed to you?

  • We commit to respecting your confidentiality and privacy
  • We commit to actively listening to you
  • We commit to all of your appointments and we will run on time
  • We commit to understanding and creating a unique programme for you.
  • We commit to organically serving you in the most efficient and safest manner.
  • We may refer you to one of our preferred medical or therapy providers in our vast network, if we consider that this will efficiently benefit you and compliment the programme you are participating in at our Clinic.
  • We are committed to your welfare and we will remain non-judgemental. We will respect you
  • Whatever we say, we will do, and we will deliver

Working as a team is optimum

Show up on time, and inform us via TEXT if you may be late.

Agreeance to attend your scheduled Hypnotherapy appointments, as we will.

Agreeance to make your therapy programme your absolute priority. To be as invested in your programme as deeply as we are invested in your progress.

Agreeance to phone outside of 48 hours prior to your appointment, if you need to reschedule or cancel, to avoid loss of the deposit. It is not refundable nor transferable. This enables another patient to be helped sooner by taking your place and helps our clinic to run smoothly. Our Clinic doesn’t only provide your family with help, it provides our own families with income. (Please refer to our detailed “Clinic Policy – Initial Booking”)

Please try and keep the momentum of your personal programme to reach maximum results efficiently through ongoing committment to yourself and to us; To Our team.

We are usually booked 2 – 3 weeks ahead, so please be considerate towards other patients and our Clinic.

The full scheduled fee will apply if you do not keep your appointment and we are not informed; must be done via TEXT ONLY. (NO EMAILS OR VOICEMAIL.)

Do your homework and complete your lessons. Taking this approach will be most beneficial to your hip pocket and your results. You will efficiently achieve your goal.

Keep moving; the only way to change is to move! There is no magic wand in life, but in it’s place you will find care, safety, dedication, skill and honesty with the team at Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic.