We have been very busy with COVID-19 provoked anxiety Patients since early February 2020.

We specialise in Anxiety, Paediatrics, isolation, loneliness, OCD, PTSD, phobias, stress, weight, quit smoking and alcohol reduction. I am willing to still take on new Patients, and I would accommodate this influx via SKYPE. If you wish to make a session via SKYPE please do so soon, as our waitlist is increasing in length as days pass by.

Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic has your best interests at heart, and we will accommodate Patients in the order that they present. We are compiling waitlists for Patients whom require precise time slots, and we are doing our best to fulfil each request.

Each session is still an hour duration as is standard procedure, and are for individuals only. Group sessions are not proven effective, and can even be detrimental for each individual Patient, as each person processes differently with current perspective and coping levels.

You will require a SKYPE account set up prior to our session.

Please go to skype.com to download the app/program. (SKYPE is a free service)

The Hypnotherapy session fee can be paid via MasterCard, VISA or bank deposit prior to each session and is non-refundable; this helps our Clinic to run smoothly and maximum Patients to benefit from treatment, and for us both to commit to the allocated therapy time slot.

We are here to support you through this

Please phone 0433 777 775 to schedule an appointment.

You are safe with Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic because we are fully insured, with over a decade of experience, and the cross care for Patients teaming with referring GP’s and Psychologists.

We have been established since 2010, and have over 11,000 clinical hours and Hollie-Berri Sleeman is a founding member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, which is the Nations governing body. She is also a Clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association where she held the position of NSW Supervision Coordinator. Hollie-Berri’s ranking may enable you to claim health rebates depending on your level of cover and company. Please check with them if this is a consideration for you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION;  Would you allow someone who has completed a 2 day course, is uninsured, and not under the wing of the national regulating body to access your mind? Its quite a serious question to answer. Below is a bit ofinformation to keep you and your family safe when choosing a safe and professional Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Beware of spam marketing hobbbyists who are misleading by claims to the public, that they are of the level of Clinical Hypnotherapist, yet they are not deemed so via Australian standards. As a consumer the choice is yours. We strongly advise you to seek out a bona fide Clinical Hypnotherapist whom is a member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia; then you are assured of the highest standard of care Australia has to offer.  You can differentiate between a highly educated and skilled professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and a hobbyist by asking if you can claim health fund rebates, and if they are a member of an Australian Hypnotherapists Association (NOT merely an International association) and are they fully insured? We wish you the highest quality of care and safety. If you choose Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic to care for you, or if you choose another qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, we are happy to know you are in the safest of hands, and professional care available in Australia today.

Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is here for you if you need us.