POWER UP WORKSHOP with Coach Hollie-Berri McQueen

POWER UP WORKSHOP – LEVEL 1       Cronulla

Saturday NOVEMBER   21st    13:00 – 16:00        $300

She harness’ power.

Do you want to too?

Hollie-Berri McQueen began meditation and yoga 28 years ago. She is a 600hr Yoga Alliance accredited Meditation and Yoga Life Coach. In this workshop HB will share with you her great passion studying human behaviour and the power of the mind. She will impart her vast yogic philosophies, prana – energy building and preservation techniques, and meditations devised by the Himalayan Masters, in the simplest of terms.

You will learn what meditation is, why you are advised to do it, how it works, and why it is the ultimate in mind health. You will also be blessed with some powerful Clinical Hypnotherapy to spring clean the way of the old, to enable strong foundations for the new, to power and sustain you. Your focus will improve, your memory, vitality, you will sleep deeper; you will flow effortlessly with daily practice. This workshop shows you how to easily enjoy daily practice at home.

Hollie-Berri will teach you how to control your power, and she will guide you to be able to identify and prevent where it may leak out in the future.

These workshops are valuable, and each student need be dedicated to the lessons. There is only 12 students accepted into each workshop.

Each workshop is unique and intuitively run with concise information in laymans terminology.

You will leave feeling light and clean; humbly powerful. You will feel whole.

To apply, please phone Hollie-Berri about your possible placement. Please phone Hollie-Berri and she will assess the possibility. Payment in full is required upon booking. There are no refunds to ensure each participant is committed to the teachings. Only committed students need apply.

You will find a deeper appreciation of self, your world, your place in the community, and leave with a powerful mind and warm heart.

These workshops are raw and gritty, yet divine in every sense.


Hollie-Berri McQueen  Clinical Hypnotherapist / Yogi       ph.   0433 777 775

WEAR: Yoga gear, incl thick socks. Layered clothing to accommodate varying body temperatures from pranic build to savasana.

BRING: A water bottle – no food to be consumed during practice in the yoga space.

COME: With an open mind and heart

SHARE: Your Mahad / innate intelligence




MIND BODY CONNECTIONS talk on Shire Wellbeing Festival 30th May 2020. Hollie-Berri McQueen and Ky Bernoth

Wellness Zone: Mind Body Connections

Hollie-Berri and Ky will help deepen your understanding of the two way street of the mind and body, That one can not be separated from the other. The power that our conscious and subconscious mind, thoughts and beliefs have on our body and overall health. Dleving into beliefs and addictive behavviours around sugar and alcohol as a couple of the "hot topics" of the minute! And looking at how our physical wellbeing, gut health and biochemistry feed back to our brain and nervous system function and our actions and choices.Hollie-Berri McQueenFounding member of the ‘Hypnotherapy Council of Australia', Hollie-Berri is a clinical hypnotherapist, owner of Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic and Yogi, Hollie-Berri has a foot in both worlds and a deep appreciation for the connections between the mind and body. An expert in her field and with extensive training Hollie-Berri has been medically endorsed Sydney wide by GPs and health care professionals. Achieving balance with her practice she weaves the sacred knowledge of eastern philosophies, she is a 600hr accredited yoga and meditation teacher, and life coach.Ky BernothNaturopath, medicine woman, healer and guardian of the ocean and earth. Ky has been attuned to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the earth since she was a child. Her experience in health and wellness spans over 25yrs, she has been involved in elite sports coaching, has lectured in health at universities and colleges, and manages her own wellbeing business for the past 11yrs. Ky has studied formally in Health Sciences, Naturopathy, Ethnobotany and Complementary Medicines and on the ground with Indigenous Australian, Maori Healing and also Amazonian shamanic teachings.

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Are your Children becomming increasingly anxious during COVID-19?




Being the Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist at SHIRE HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC (est 2010) with over 11,000 clinical hours of experience, as well as a founding Member of the ‘Hypnotherapy Council of Australia’, and having sat on the NSW executive team at the ‘Australian Hypnotherapists Association’, I deem myself eligible and qualified to guide you on how to choose a Clinical Hypnotherapist within Australia.

I want to impart some information on how to choose a skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist because your mind is everything you are, and it can be very dangerous to allow an under skilled person to access and manipulate your mind. It’s very concerning that so many, underskilled “Hypnotherapists” have popped up into our community of late, having merely attended a 2 or 3 day course.

I am passionate about the Psychotherapy which I have been delivering to the community for over 10 years, and know that my authentic Clinical colleagues and I, wish to see the high level of knowledge and ethics upheld and maintained within the Profession. We wish for Patients to be safe in their choosing, without being deceived.

I advise you to look at the facts of the person and not the hype of their spam marketing.

It is a serious choice to make, and here are some basic points to consider before choosing;


✔️Are they a member of the governing national body HYPNOTHERAPY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA?
✔️Is their education level an advance diploma Clinical Hypnotherapist with Australian qualification?
✔️Can you claim your Health Fund Rebate?
✔️Are they a Member of an AUSTRALIAN Association?
✔️Are they FULLY insured?
✔️When were they established?

If their claims seem too good to believe, then they probably are.

The highest qualification a Hypnotherapist can hold within Australia is that of “Clinical Hypnotherapist” which requires the Clinician to fulfil a minimum of 5000 Clinical hours, and be a Professional Member of an Australian Association- NOT an international association.

Those posing as “Master Practitioners” and other extravagant titles, have most likely attended a 2 or 3 day short course in Hypnotherapy – a course which a 10 year old child completed. Often the phrase is termed as “Masters in Hypnotherapy” which is most misleading, as a layman would assume the Hypnotherapist has attended University, which is intentionally causing confusion and highly unethical. Some claim to be working alongside Doctors, and others claim to be a ‘Clinical’ Hypnotherapist because they work in a room! That is supremely deceitful and misleading for the general public because it infers that the person has skill and extensive experience; but they dont.

Ask the questions in the list above and do your research.

Your life depends on it, and so does your hip pocket.

Can you honestly claim to be a Master after a 3 day course? 

Please phone 0433 777 775 if you have any firther questions.

Stay safe and it’s best for you to only choose a genuine Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Your mind is everything you are.

We hope this has helped you.

We wish you health and love.

Who do you want to be through COVID-19?

COVID-19 Grief Cycle Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT 1st April 2020


COVID-19 – We offer appointments via SKYPE or in Clinic

We have been very busy with COVID-19 provoked anxiety Patients since early February 2020. We specialise in Anxiety, Paediatrics, PTSD, phobias, stress, weight, loneliness and alcohol reduction and can accommodate appointments via Skype.


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Award-Winning Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic specialises in working with and healing children. It is conducted in a private and comfortable setting.

As long as your child can focus, ie; watching a full length movie, then they are old enough to benefit from hypnotherapy. We are striving to help them to positively enhance their childhood so that they can enjoy their precious time as kids. It’s the fundamental stepping stone for living a life with peace and ease, to have humble confidence and smile.

Over time, Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist Hollie-Berri, has formulated the best approaches for each gender and each different development stage of a child, combined alongside their particular condition and desired outcome. Many parents do not want to administer pharamceutical drugs to their children and find hypnotherapy the most effective, safe, drug free approach. It is the only organic solution for children, eliminating any unwanted side effects or secondary conditions. Hypnotherapy produces the most effective ongoing results in real time.

Safe Natural Healing IN REAL TIME with NO negative side effects

Parents see the great advantages in using hypnotherapy for their children because of its speed in producing long term results. These techniques are calming, drug free and enjoyable for the child. In fact most children look forward to coming to our sessions, they enjoy the stimulation and positive environment- they feel safe. The parents notice a positive change usually after the first session.

Award-Learn More About Paediatric Hypnotherapy – Click Here