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Welcome to Sutherland Shire Hypnotherapy

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Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is the Award-Winning Service within the Sutherland Shire, located in Caringbah and Cronulla. We are built on referrals from Doctors, Psychologists and Patients locally and globally. Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic operates via various online platforms and is Professional and Confidential. Trust and skill keeps our patients, and ourselves, up on top.

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How To Pick A Hypnotherapist


There has been confusion within the market place about the qualifications of Hypnotherapists.
I’d like to clear that up for you all.

(I am the Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist at SHIRE HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC based in Caringbah CBD, Est 2010. I have sat on the NSW exec Team at the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and have over 10,000 Clinical hours of experience.)

The Highest Qualification a Hypnotherapist can hold within Australia is that of “Clinical Hypnotherapist” which requires the Clinician to fulfil a minimum of 5000 Clinical hours.

Those posing as “Master Practitioners” and other extravagant titles, have most likely completed a 7-10 day short course in Hypnotherapy. Often the phrase is termed as “Masters in Hypnotherapy” which is most misleading, as a Layman would assume the Hypnotherapist has attended University, which is intentionally causing confusion.


  • Are they of an Australian CLINICAL Qualification?
  • When were they established? How many Clinical Hours?
  • Can you claim your Health Fund Rebate?
  • Are they a Member of an Association?
  • Are they FULLY insured?

Bottom line is this; either go to a Psychologist who practices Hypnotherapy or find a fully qualified CLINICAL Hypnotherapist. By doing this, you will be eligible for health fund rebates, receive the highest level of treatment, and know they are governed by an Association regulator and do hours of OPD training every year.

Your mind is all you are, and all you have. Do your best to protect it, and find the right, highly skilled and ethical Therapist for you and your family.

I am writing this to keep the highest possible level of Hypnotherapy within the Shire for Clinical Hypnotherapists practising within the Profession who have worked hard to build it to the level it is, and first and foremost, for Shire families to receive the best and safest help possible.

I hope to see you soon,