Hollie-Berri is presenting the MIND BODY CONNECTIONS segment at the SHIRE WELLBEING FESTIVAL alongside Ky from ODONATA. Click on the photos below to the link.

29-31st May online via Facebook.


 16:00 Saturday 30th May 2020

Wellness Zone: Mind Body Connections

Hollie-Berri and Ky will help deepen your understanding of the two way street of the mind and body, That one can not be separated from the other. The power that our conscious and subconscious mind, thoughts and beliefs have on our body and overall health. Dleving into beliefs and addictive behavviours around sugar and alcohol as a couple of the "hot topics" of the minute! And looking at how our physical wellbeing, gut health and biochemistry feed back to our brain and nervous system function and our actions and choices.Hollie-Berri McQueenFounding member of the ‘Hypnotherapy Council of Australia', Hollie-Berri is a clinical hypnotherapist, owner of Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic and Yogi, Hollie-Berri has a foot in both worlds and a deep appreciation for the connections between the mind and body. An expert in her field and with extensive training Hollie-Berri has been medically endorsed Sydney wide by GPs and health care professionals. Achieving balance with her practice she weaves the sacred knowledge of eastern philosophies, she is a 600hr accredited yoga and meditation teacher, and life coach.Ky BernothNaturopath, medicine woman, healer and guardian of the ocean and earth. Ky has been attuned to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the earth since she was a child. Her experience in health and wellness spans over 25yrs, she has been involved in elite sports coaching, has lectured in health at universities and colleges, and manages her own wellbeing business for the past 11yrs. Ky has studied formally in Health Sciences, Naturopathy, Ethnobotany and Complementary Medicines and on the ground with Indigenous Australian, Maori Healing and also Amazonian shamanic teachings.

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POWER UP WORKSHOP LEVEL 2  Sat September  26th 13:00-16:00 $300

Hollie-Berri McQueen has extensive knowledge in life, the mind, meditation, Power (prana)and Yoga.

Workshop elements; Asana(minimal), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Breath work and Meditation, interlaced with organic teachings of how to identify where your energy may leak out, and how to streamline it, and place it in productive places to thrive and Power up. You wont find this style of teaching anywhere else. Please see our latest Workshop in the Hypnotherapy News tab. They sell out extremely fast, so please be quick to own your space as one of the 12 students. These workshops are powerful, raw and flow intuitively. Hollie-Berri’s unique approach is infectious, addictive and heart warming….. you wont forget it.

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What our Patients say about us

Bed Wetting – Enuresis

I had been wetting the bed at night since I was very young. I have seen Doctors and Urologists to try and find a solution but with no luck. When I came to Holli and spoke to her, in 7 sessions it had stopped. I am very grateful for Holli’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone with the same issue.

Female 19 yrs

Confidence / Mindfulness

I saw Holli-Berri when I had dropped my confidence and it was impacting my work and family. After a few sessions I was thinking more objectively, making clear decisions again and my confidence continued to grow. I was really impressed by how comfortable Holli-Berri made me right from our first session. This had a massive impact on my progress, and made it a safe space each week.

I hope you are doing well, I am.

Female 34yrs

Swallowing pills & certain foods (Dysphagia)

For roughly 10 years I had always been terrified of swallowing tablets, eating specific foods, gagging or even wearing necklaces. After 1 session with Hollie-Berri I could eat any food, wear higher necklaces and I’m now able to swallow up to 7 tablets a day. Within 3 sessions I am able to easily maintain it. I don’t even think about it anymore.

Female 19yrs

Alcohol Reduction

An amazing result after the first session; better than I could have ever expected. My health, motivation, and fitness has changed and family life is back to how it should be. No more looking for a beer. Thanks Hollie-Berri

Male 53yrs

Fear of Flying (Aviophobia)

My GP recommended I see Hollie-Berri to overcome my fear of flying. Hollie-Berri has helped me to recognise where this fear came from and what exactly was holding me back. In just a few sessions I was able to take a flight and feel not just OK, but incredibly in control. It has been a fantastic experience and has also helped me to face other challenges in my life, not only flying. BIG Thank You!

Female 33yrs


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